Is Disney Going too Far?

We all love a wonderful Disney film and everyone has their favourites. When you’re having a sick day everyone has a go to Disney DVD that they will whack on for comfort. However that is a movie… With the announcement of Frozen – The Musical making its way to Broadway I think now is the time to ask the question – is Disney going too far with musical theatre?

For decades Disney has adapted a plethora of its films for the stage which and if you want an extensive history of what’s happened so far, click here… But the main point is that, across the West End and Broadway, there are currently three stage adaptations of Disney films (The Lion King, Aladdin and Newsies) and there are another five more in the works (Hercules, Pinocchio, Bambi, Dumbo and Frozen).

So, with potentially a total of eight shows being Disney, it may be getting excessive. Eight  may not sound like many out of the hundreds that are out there, but they dominate some of the biggest theatres and any previous shows or touring casts haven’t even been accounted for.

I do love my Disney movies and, given the opportunity, I would want to watch all of them on the stage. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy and they’ve done a fantastic job with The Lion King and Aladdin. That being said, I’m a great believer in original work and theatre fans are screaming out for it at the moment. We want to be supporting fresh new ideas, stories and, most of all, music. If massive corporations like Disney keep taking the biggest theatres and filling them with music and stories we already know, will this kill a massive part of the theatre industry?



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