Musical Theatre, My Obsession

I am one of those poor, unfortunate souls that has discovered how truly remarkable musical theatre really is. So I spend my days reading the latest reviews, finding out about cast changes, watching endless videos on youtube and, of course, traipsing myself into London to see as many shows as I possibly can.

I’m not even sure when this obsession of mine started; all I know is that it is getting stronger with every visit. There’s something beautiful in the escapism the theatre offers; an emotional rollercoaster and a world that films just can’t give you. As John Tiffany says “the power of the imagination is infinite” and theatre brings that to life without relying on CGI and a world of destinations.

I have no background in musical theatre; I never studied it, I can’t sing, dance or act and I didn’t even study English Literature after my GCSEs. Essentially, I have no qualifications to be talking about it.

What I have found can be lacking in reviews is passion… that complete and utter obsession that drives us to the theatre time and time again to get lost in worlds we can only dream of. I don’t want to critique every second of a show; I want to share the experience as a whole with readers. Just a fanatic sharing my experiences with anyone who is willing to listen. That’s what fanatics do, right?

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